Following successful stops in Vancouver and Buenos Aires, Tales of the Cocktail® on Tour is taking its show on the road once again, this time to one of the largest and most culturally rich cities in the world: Mexico City. This three-day festival will feature renowned bartenders sharing their insights at a series of educational seminars by day as we dive into Mexico City’s rising cocktail scene by night. Join us in Mexico City in Spring 2015 to get a taste of what Tales of the Cocktail® is all about in a city you’ll never forget.
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Jorge Carlos Pizá de la Torre

Mixologo & Mercadologo

Actualmente jefe de Barra del restaurante el Talento.
Este será mi primer año en el programa de aprendiz CAP

Me apasiona el trabajo que existe detrás de una barra, desde el manejo de personal, hasta la parte administrativa. Tras 12 año de experiencia, he tenido la oportunidad de aprender muchas cosas, después de terminar mis estudios de mercadotecnia, me adentre en el mundo del Bar y empeze a capacitarme mejor.

Considero a la cokteleria una forma de expresión que puede capturar momentos y sensaciones, es la manera como podemos llegar a nuestros comensales, creando experiencias que van más allá de una buena mezcla.
Considero que mi especialidad

Midori 2005. Primer lugar
Absolut Akademi Pro 2013 Segundo lugar
DIAGEO Worl Class 2014. Finalista (dentro de los 5 primeros)

Mi esposa y mi hijo son la fuerza de cada día

Mixologist & Marketing graduate.
Current headbartender of the restaurant the Talent.
This one will be my first year in the apprentice's program CAP.
I'm passsionate the work behind a bar, from the managing personnel, up to the administrative part. After 12 year of experience, I have had the opportunity to learn many things, after finishing my studies of marketing, enter the world of the Bar and started to qualifying better.

I consider the coktels to be a form of expression that can capture moments and sensations, it is the way since we can come to our retainers, creating experiences that go beyond a good mixture. I consider that my speciality
Midori 2005. The first place
Absolut Akademi Pro 2013 The Second place
DIAGEO Worl Class 2014. Finalist (inside the top 5)

My wife and son are the strongbow of e very day