Following successful stops in Vancouver and Buenos Aires, Tales of the Cocktail® on Tour is taking its show on the road once again, this time to one of the largest and most culturally rich cities in the world: Mexico City. This three-day festival will feature renowned bartenders sharing their insights at a series of educational seminars by day as we dive into Mexico City’s rising cocktail scene by night. Join us in Mexico City in Spring 2015 to get a taste of what Tales of the Cocktail® is all about in a city you’ll never forget.
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Louis Lewis-Smith

At Sailor Jerry, we encourage people to do things their own way. Follow your own damn heart, we say, no matter what anyone tells you.

Louis Lewis-Smith embodies this. Which is pretty much why he's our global brand ambassador.

His whole adult life has been built around pursuing his two passions — one for music and one for bartending. At 15, he started taking DJ gigs and played banjo and guitar in bands – both of which he continues to this day. He's also a fully trained sound engineer who has his own recording studio in Bath, which stays booked with a mix of up-and-coming and famous musicians. (In Sailor Jerry DIY fashion, he built the studio himself brick by brick).

As a musician, he also started spending a lot of time in bars. And Louis being Louis, he wasn't content just to order drinks — he quickly ended up behind the bar, where he built a rep for creating the kind of recipes that turned heads and set trends. He quickly shot up the ranks of the bar scene of London, landing a high-profile spot at the legendary Milk & Honey London. And that's where Sailor Jerry ended up on his radar, and where he ended up on ours. By 2010, we teamed up and Louis took on the role of global brand ambassador.

At any given moment, Louis can be found somewhere in the world whipping up a Sailor Jerry drink, spinning a disc or two, or engaged in an impassioned conversation about music or rum, or both.

Unless, it's the first Wednesday of the month. In which case, you'll find him at Slim's Liquor Store in London, where he has a standing spot as DJ.  He’s played with numerous bands, including Phantom Limb and supported Madness last year - playing country/soul music in front of 5,000 hardened fans.

He often reminds people that Norman Collins was not only the father of the old-school tattoo, but also a saxophone player. And they shared many other things in common, including the fact they both studied electronics.